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Representative Projects

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA)
Technical Advisor – Market Partner Program, Existing Building Retrofit Program

BOMA Kilowatt Crackdown Program 2008 through 2015
I have supported these programs in Seattle, Portland, and now Boise. As the technical service provider, I scope each facility in an unbiased manner, conducting both day and night walks.

One-on-one operator education focuses on how their facility was originally designed, what deficiencies currently exist, and how they affect energy use. They learn how to idenify and treat the core problem, not justhe symptoms they exhibit. 

Seattle Steam Company
Assisting end users with efficient steam usage and condensate conservation. Steam usage is directly related to the HVAC system and envelope. Deficiencies in these system result in higher steam bills, which many property managers only relate to the steam equipment itself.

EPA Energy Star Certification

Providing certification services for all space types since 2007.